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To My Friends, Readers and Supporters

As I expected, 2017 is just as bad as 2016. Apart from my crushing debt, both the local and federal tax agencies are after me. Their labyrinthine bureaucratic language is far beyond my decoding abilities. I dislike being maudlin, but whatever pride I had is long gone. The crushing weight of divorce, custody hearings, hurt children, employment issues, taxes, isolation and the overall social corruption torturing us all can be too much when taken together. It’s already having an effect on my health. Motivation and memory, too, seem to be going.

Making matters worse, my old spiritual father, Metropolitan John of the Autonomous Metropolia, has turned his back on me entirely. This was a blow I did not expect. He was the closest thing to a father I’ve had in decades. Apparently, political correctness comes first. Fourteen years of a spiritual relationship were thrown down the drain for nothing. Thank God, the Russians under Metropolitan Damaskin of Moscow have taken me in.

In a 2013 study by Rachel Alexander, substantial statistical evidence proved that American universities will not hire or promote, generally speaking, conservative or Christian applicants. My chosen line of work has now been effectively closed off from me. This is despite the fact that my student evaluations are always in the top 1% of every university in which I’ve taught. This is an irrelevant factor for hiring professors, I’ve been told.

The arrogance and elitism of the present crop of university professors is shown in the massive numbers arrested for sexual assault, child porn and pedophilia. Since 2005, over 500 have been arrested for these crimes, 60 in Connecticut alone. A quick Google search for this will turn up only a handful of news articles. Pedophilia and sexual assault is a part of the elite academic culture and might well be the criterion by which professors are hired, promoted and fired. They are also being protected.

I write all of this to show my predicament. It’s certainly not of my making. I ask for your donations. Please help me. Today, even paying basic bills is becoming a problem. Since I refuse to accept the restrictions of a federal tax-exemption, my IRS debt is high. Please give what you can. My wants are few, and I can make a little stretch a long way.


Matthew Raphael Johnson
Johnstown PA
October 18 2017
Feast of St. Matthew of the Kiev Caves


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