Essay Archive (2004-2012)

Ethnicity Will and the State (2001)

The State as the Enemy of the Ethnos (2001)

Economics and Nationalist Theory(2001)

Involuntary Admissions on Russia from Bertrand Russell (2007)

Thoughts on Solitude and the Hermitage: Emerson and Thoreau on the Abandonment of Reason in Mass Society (Written in 2012, revised 2016)

The 1883 Timok Rebellion in Serbia: Peasant National Anarchism against Finance Capital (2006)

The Collectivization of Reality: The Social Vision of Valentin Rasputin (Published in 2007, revised 2016)

Indicting the Beast: The Legal Principles of Alexander Lukashenko (Published in 2012, revised 2016)

The Nature of Masonry (2009)

Nation and State: An Extended Definition and Analysis (Written in 2008, revised 2016)

Mass Man, Mass Politics and the Capitalist Order (2004)

Wendy Slater’s (1999) “Orthodox Ethic” and the Official Ideology of the Academic Cognoscenti (Written in 2007, revised 2016)

The Sins of Jeroboam: The Paramount Significance of the Old Testament Prophets in Understanding the Modern World
(Written in 2008, revised 2016)

The Ukrainian Orthodox Conception of Sobornopravna: The Prophets, Nominalism and the Ontology of Empire (Written in 2008, revised 2016)

The Church on Relations with Heretics (Written in 2011, revised 2016)

Burma in the Crosshairs of Global Capital: The Former Military Junta of Burma as a Rational Response to Neo-Imperialist Manipulation (Written in 2005, revised 2016)

The Nature of anti-Putin NGOs (2005)

Ukraine in Damage Control Mode (2005)

The Virtual Empire: The Case of Serbia and the Murder of Milosevic (2006)